Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays Always get me down...

Rain, rain...that is ALL it has done here since Friday morning. And when I mean "all it has done"
I mean ALL it has done... non-stop. Now don't get me wrong, I like a little rain, love to hear it on the roof, LOVE to listen to it when I am going to bed.. or have nothing to do...

But, I do have some things to do... I mean c'mon.. no one can do nothing for 4 days straight!! Or I guess they can.. as we have.. I am not a big "get out in the rain and get soaked" fan so we stayed at home to "weather" out the storm (which is winning by the way..)

So I am kind of down, it is raining.. and it is Monday.. so that song by the Carpenter's popped into my head this morning (yes I know.. to admit I actually know that song is embarrassing). And I tried to think of a way to get out of the "four day rain funk" I was in. So the diva decided she wanted to go outside and play so there we went as 4 days inside does NOT make a happy diva!!

And funny enough.. my mood brightened :)

Cause there is nothing that makes me smile more then the diva in her rain boots and horsey rain coat...

Splashing in puddles...

Trying to get me wet as I got close to take these...

As if it were every day that you got to go outside in your pj's (since your rain coat is big enough to cover them), and boots and splash till you are soaked...

and run in puddles..

and splash some more.....

making me laugh the whole time :)
We have been busy. I hate to say, I figured with school starting I would have more time to blog but the reverse has happened, which stinks.. as I love to blog and read blogs.. so I am going to TRY to be better about coming and posting. But don't hold me to it people.. I am human ya know!
But to recap.. we started baseball again.. and we changed our names. We are know the Longhorns- yes that is right, just like the University of Texas Longhorns (well actually, to be honest, I think we are better as our uniforms are WAYYY cooler then theirs are.. and the dude's catcher's mask is wayy cooler too)

Not at ALL psyched about white baseball pants though... so if anyone out there has a sure-fire way to get those dirt stains out.. post here and I might actually send you a prize (yes I am that

The diva started a tot-dance class this week too.. not sure what to make of it except she looks C*U*T*E!!!
She is just liking being able to jump and hop (which probably means she needs to be in gymnastics) but since she looks so darn cute I may just leave her in this one for a while.

She will start horse riding lessons again probably in October which she is very excited about.
She got a new horsie room which is pretty much now done so stay tuned for some pics of that :)
But for now lets all just dance and sing together "rain, rain, go away.. come again another day.."

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  1. So dang cute Jenna! I LOVE the pics! Where are her cheer bowsies? HUH HUH HUH??? LOL HUGS Tab