Monday, September 21, 2009

After the rain.......

We finally saw the sun.. well for about a day at least, so while the dude was at a friend's house, the diva and I made the most of that day and went and shot these for a friend. I told her the diva liked.. no loved horses and to suprise us and this ADORABLE little set is what she came up with. The diva could not have been more excited to put on her cowgirl duds, hat and boots and to get to take her beloved Snowflake was a bonus .. here are a few peeks from the shoot ....

I know I have said before the diva has a thing with horses.. it seems.. over time, this thing has manifested into a full blown love affair! We did not know these horses... me being the scardy cat hesitant one, was not sure how to approach them (well I "knew" I just was not sure what they would do). The diva on the other hand, walked right up to the fence, watched the horses.. called out softly "it is ok little boy, c'mere", and over they came. She waited till they came close...

and then began to pet them as if she had known them all her her 3 years of life! They seemed to like it also :)
'course then we get too friendly....

But again, I cannot tell you how adorable this set is, Gillian is a fantastic designer and we were so honored to be able to work with her!

But all good things come to and end and apparently this does too, the diva was all too done with the jeans and was ready to get her "boots a walkin' " and get on to lunch..
Hope everyone has a fantastic week, we "should" be busy here, but all that will be depending on the rain Gods and if they care to shower us again this week. The weather men could probably not show up for work and just replay last weeks forcasts if what they say is true, and if it is true, well we may just invest in a boat or a jet ski to take to and from work/school :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays Always get me down...

Rain, rain...that is ALL it has done here since Friday morning. And when I mean "all it has done"
I mean ALL it has done... non-stop. Now don't get me wrong, I like a little rain, love to hear it on the roof, LOVE to listen to it when I am going to bed.. or have nothing to do...

But, I do have some things to do... I mean c'mon.. no one can do nothing for 4 days straight!! Or I guess they can.. as we have.. I am not a big "get out in the rain and get soaked" fan so we stayed at home to "weather" out the storm (which is winning by the way..)

So I am kind of down, it is raining.. and it is Monday.. so that song by the Carpenter's popped into my head this morning (yes I know.. to admit I actually know that song is embarrassing). And I tried to think of a way to get out of the "four day rain funk" I was in. So the diva decided she wanted to go outside and play so there we went as 4 days inside does NOT make a happy diva!!

And funny enough.. my mood brightened :)

Cause there is nothing that makes me smile more then the diva in her rain boots and horsey rain coat...

Splashing in puddles...

Trying to get me wet as I got close to take these...

As if it were every day that you got to go outside in your pj's (since your rain coat is big enough to cover them), and boots and splash till you are soaked...

and run in puddles..

and splash some more.....

making me laugh the whole time :)
We have been busy. I hate to say, I figured with school starting I would have more time to blog but the reverse has happened, which stinks.. as I love to blog and read blogs.. so I am going to TRY to be better about coming and posting. But don't hold me to it people.. I am human ya know!
But to recap.. we started baseball again.. and we changed our names. We are know the Longhorns- yes that is right, just like the University of Texas Longhorns (well actually, to be honest, I think we are better as our uniforms are WAYYY cooler then theirs are.. and the dude's catcher's mask is wayy cooler too)

Not at ALL psyched about white baseball pants though... so if anyone out there has a sure-fire way to get those dirt stains out.. post here and I might actually send you a prize (yes I am that

The diva started a tot-dance class this week too.. not sure what to make of it except she looks C*U*T*E!!!
She is just liking being able to jump and hop (which probably means she needs to be in gymnastics) but since she looks so darn cute I may just leave her in this one for a while.

She will start horse riding lessons again probably in October which she is very excited about.
She got a new horsie room which is pretty much now done so stay tuned for some pics of that :)
But for now lets all just dance and sing together "rain, rain, go away.. come again another day.."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School!!!!

This week we went back to school. Back to getting up early (yes I know we probably should have been doing that for a while now).. back to going to bed early (had we been doing this then getting up probably would not have been so hard), back to books, back to all that we do to prepare our little accoutants and future presidents for the real world out there :)

As a former teacher and lover of school. I loved this week.. and the week before! All the prep, getting new school supplies, new books.. seeing my friends, meeting my teacher.. who would be in my class this year? OHH I would stay up almost as late as the night Santa came waiting for the class lists to be posted!!

I guess you could say I was not in the norm ;)

But I did love school.. still do, and I loved teaching. I hope and wish.. that both my kids will love and appreciate school like I did, cause after all, when it is all said and done, you can't go back.. then you have a real

The Dude started 1st grade.. I cannot believe Kindergarten is done and we have moved onto now the feeling that we have "been there, done that". We are not the "babies of the school". We don't need our moms to walk us into class (which just FYI, I did in fact walk him into class that first day, took pictures, sniffled as I exclaimed how "my baby was getting so big now!", and did all that embarassing stuff I have waited to do since my mom did it to me. Hey sorry dude, it is a right of passage and I will NOT be denied!

Course, some of us were just so happy cause we got a "real desk" this year!!

But you know what my little dude,
There will come a day when even these pictures won't be taken. When that backpack won't look so big on you.. when you will be driving yourself to school and all I will get is a "bye mom" as you go off for your first day.

And I know I will wish for these days again... for that chance to walk you into class.. for you to still think that it was more fun to stay home with me then to go.. for you to let me snap pics of you in your new clothes.. new backpacks on your first days.

I marvel in how each day... you chance and grow before my eyes.. how it seems just yesterday how I used to sit and look at my own students and imagine you walking into class like they did.. what you would look like when you got that big, how you would be..... and now that time is here.. each year, I say goodbye to you on that first day.. and give you a kiss as I kiss away another year of childhood.

But know that as sure as the sun shines on your golden locks as you walk towards your bright future.. you will always be my little boy, and I will always love you and be proud of you in everything you do!!

And I just feel sorry for whomever gets these two when they start!!!!

Cause I am not sure our school system will ever be the same ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July fun :)

** warning TONS of pictures alert **

ok with that being said, and following in my always just a smidge late style.. here are some pics from our 4th.

We spent the holidays here, in town. I would go out on a limb and say we had a "staycation" but I digress I cannot since we really did not "go" anywhere (and I don't think the qualifications of the above said mean STAY at home)..
But stay-go- whatever, we did have a good time :)

Since the Thunder Monkeys got the 3rd off (who knew they allowed off days in softball!!) we were able to hit our hometown to watch the show.......

the diva and her "take a picture of me" pose ...

the dude's smashing new shoes .....

The dude and some buds...

The diva and the girls...

GO USA!!!!

My shots.....
They shot the fireworks over the High School Football Stadium so we got great seats across the highway :)

Hope everyone had a great 4th :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Fever....

I had the priviledge today of not only getting together with probably my oldest (and NO not in the essance of age mind you more like long-standing relationships) and bestest friend and her brand spanking new son L, but I got to photograph them too!

Nothing delights me more then babies... well ok, maybe next to chocolate, a trip to Bennihanna's, a pedicure...
BUT.. I LOVE babies.. love them love them!
And I love good friends who have babies- cause it means I can hold them and not feel weird about it (hey you try holding some random ladies baby and see how weird you feel!)

Melissa and I have been friends since 2nd grade, when I moved here and she loaned me a pencil (yes, I came to a new school without a pencil my first day.. gasp!) We walked home together, played every day together, had sleepovers, told secrets, played softball together, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.. heck we even taught at the same school! Yes she was THAT friend, the kind you want to have, the kind you want your kid to have.. the kind that... no matter where you are, or how long it has been, you know each other like a book and you can pick up like you saw each other yesterday- yes.. we're good like that ;)
We even have kids the same age.. GIRLS in fact.. so it could be a tradition in the making.. hehe

So to be able to capture any moment as precious as that of her new son, was a great honor to me..
Now, mind you, this was my first baby session but all in all I think it went pretty well :)
Here are a few sneaks of mommy and son and some on his own :)