Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Fever....

I had the priviledge today of not only getting together with probably my oldest (and NO not in the essance of age mind you more like long-standing relationships) and bestest friend and her brand spanking new son L, but I got to photograph them too!

Nothing delights me more then babies... well ok, maybe next to chocolate, a trip to Bennihanna's, a pedicure...
BUT.. I LOVE babies.. love them love them!
And I love good friends who have babies- cause it means I can hold them and not feel weird about it (hey you try holding some random ladies baby and see how weird you feel!)

Melissa and I have been friends since 2nd grade, when I moved here and she loaned me a pencil (yes, I came to a new school without a pencil my first day.. gasp!) We walked home together, played every day together, had sleepovers, told secrets, played softball together, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.. heck we even taught at the same school! Yes she was THAT friend, the kind you want to have, the kind you want your kid to have.. the kind that... no matter where you are, or how long it has been, you know each other like a book and you can pick up like you saw each other yesterday- yes.. we're good like that ;)
We even have kids the same age.. GIRLS in fact.. so it could be a tradition in the making.. hehe

So to be able to capture any moment as precious as that of her new son, was a great honor to me..
Now, mind you, this was my first baby session but all in all I think it went pretty well :)
Here are a few sneaks of mommy and son and some on his own :)

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