Monday, June 1, 2009

Karate kid Dude

Ok so I did promise pics of the dude so here they are.. but in my defense.. the dude is wayy to busy to stop and pose for pictures anymore.. so I now have to "master" the art of taking pictures of him in his many played sports. Here are a few snaps from karate the other day. They were testing for the next level belt.... which for the dude would be yellow.

For the dude to stand still is AMAZING! Oh and the dude's club is called "The Little Dragons" this is the class for kids ages 4-7. After 7, they go into basic training. The dude himself is not to fond of the "little" part of the name and would prefer just dragons.. or mighty dragons...or.. well ok I am sure you get the point.

and a bow to the instructor.. Mrs. B (or ma'am)

guarding stance...

some punches..

so now I start to think it would be "fun" to get some mirror shots ;)

switching sides...

The BIG moment... the YELLOW Belt!! Way to go!!!

Yea for the dude!!!!

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