Saturday, June 13, 2009

30 Day Me.....

I never post on myself... really... I mean, most times, it is me... posting.. but about my kids...I mean, after all, they are my life ;)

But 30 days ago (well maybe more like 45 or so if you count weekends) I embarked on a journey with a few IRL friends and some blogger friends to "shred" our bodies of the baby weight, the "mommy I need you NOW every minute of the day so you cannot possibly have ANY time to yourself" weight, the "we have baseball Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, soccer on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, horse riding Wednesdays, karate Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we pretty much call McDonalds our second home" weight, the "photo session Monday - edit pictures Monday night, photo session Tuesday- edit pics Tuesday night (insert rest of week).. the.. ok I think you get the picture.

I lead a busy life, I love my busy life, but it is busy.. and "Me time".. whether it is a trip to the nail salon, hair salon, even the grocery store is usually not done unless done with a child (usually the diva) in tow. Soooo, working out was a thing of the past... well until I read Big Mama 's post where she had faithfully decided to start this workout. I love Big Mama, read her blog faithfully, so do most of my IRL friends. So we all decided we would do this with her... I mean after all, how hard could it be?

I used to be VERY active, I played pretty much every sport, cheered, and was very into softball... all the way through college even. I love a challenge and love competition. Then, I had kids.. and as we all know, with kids comes weight. I used to be blessed with a high metabolism... I guess.. maybe part of that was the amount of exercise I did also. Regardless, the minute I had the diva, my stellar metabolism left the building.. only problem was, it did not take my stellar ability to out eat anyone (rememeber I love a challenge)with it.

So throughout my "conceiving, carrying, and cuddling" baby years, I have tried NUMEROUS, diets, fads, workout dvd's, I have bought a few jogging strollers in a vast attempt to start to like to run, I have had gym memberships, had workout buddies, workout clothes, even buying clothes a size to small didn't motivate me enough to stick with any one thing.

I crave routine.... I need to know that in the AM, I will wake up, have coffee, check email, feed kids (if awake).. if not, continue to check emails until kids wake, then feed, clean up, workout, then do our many errands for the day.... I was really never able to do this cause I could not find anyone.. or anything that could fit into my schedule and that I LIKED enough to stick with (sorry work out buddies). See that is my other problem, as much as I love a routine, I also need some variance (make sense?)... I cannot workout to the SAME video with the SAME lady, SAME music, moves, etc for 6 weeks straight... UGHH YUCK.. nor could I run as in Texas.. it is just too hot and I cannot take a 8 month hiatas from exercise so I can run when it is healthy to be outside. The gym offers me little here as there are 2.. small ones, neither of which offer a daycare.

So when I researched the shred, I found that Jillian had broken this up into 3 levels.. each having 3 circuits you do: in each circuit you do 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs- so that times 3 plus a warm up and cool down totals 20 minutes! HUH? I was psyched, surely I could handle.. and stick with, something for 30 days for 20 minutes a day..

So I decided I would work out during the week and then save weekends for rest and relaxation with the understanding that R and R meant the above and not, rootbeers and reeces cups :)

Week 1, check, 2 check, 3 check.. by week 5 I was ready for level 3. Each level was great, by the time I would be like URGHH.. it would time to move on to cardio, or abs.. or the next circuit. The time FLEW by each day... I can honestly say this is the best workout video I have owned!!

Did I lose all the weight I wanted to? Bwahh, no, but I have lost 18 pounds and was not afraid to get on the scale to see. My clothes are looser, my arms are firmer, my appetitie is smaller.. and I just FEEL better. I WANTED to do this every day, I looked forward to it, I was mad if I didn't get to do it in the AM as planned BUT.. if I didn't, I made the effort to later in the afternoon.

ok now don't get the idea in your head that I am a superstar, I whined at night about being sore, I was grouchy some days, and for 20 minutes, I ignored my kids (well ok not totally but I refused to get drinks, snacks, help with whatever unless it was NEEDED - by my definition not the kids).... but for some reason, Jillian made me feel like if I did NOT do this, I would feel guilty about it. She was harsh, she was mean, she said mean things on the TV.. I sometimes felt like she might come THROUGH the TV and get me! But I love her and I know see why she is on The Biggest Loser- she may be mean, but she does get results.

So to sum up this VERY lenghty informative post, I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a good workout, to go buy this DVD. You can purchase it here or at Target. All you need is a pair of hand weights (or you could use one of your children if they are of appropriate weight). But if you stick with it, I promise you will see results.

Now as for me, I completed my last day... day 30 of the shred a few hours ago but I will continue to do this each week as I feel like right now it is giving me good results and I am still exhausted with level 3 so I think a few more weeks are in order.. plus I am not done losing weight either :)

But I am really just happy that in the last 30-45 days, I have established some "Me Time".. and it is healthy time. I now know I have time to workout each day and that my kids can survive 20 minutes without me. They know this too and they are also seeing me doing something healthy for myself.

So celebrate with me today then shred with me on Monday!!


  1. i SO need to shred!!! when i get moved to kentucky i'll have to check it out!!

  2. I meant to tell you that I thought you looked great at the garage sale......I could tell you had lost weight, even with that cute fanny pack on!!! heehee!