Monday, March 30, 2009

March MATH Madness

This last weekend we headed down to Austin to compete in the MATH Pentathalon. The dude and a group of friends signed up and have been practicing after school each week since October (yes this along with soccer,karate, baseball... sigh....)Basically the whole "idea" (in case you have no clue) is the kids (aka: pentathletes) compete in a series of 5 games against other pentathletes. The games range in difficulty and are age appropriate.. the Level 1 games are for K and 1st grade while level 2 are for
2nd and 3rd and so on.

The dude and his best bud B with their Math Coach Mrs. Linscomb...

Now let me just get these out of the way.. the diva of course had to have HER picture taken (and then immediately viewed for her approval.. UGHHH...

This handsome young man is my younger brother and the kids Uncle Rick. He met up with us for the weekend since he lives in Austin. The diva just adores him :)

Some of the games....

The actual competition... (which was interesting as they were like the "Math Police".. gesh NO hanging on the rails.. no STANDING on the rails.. "mam, yes you with the camera.. hanging on the rail.. you need to BACK off!" Sooo... I did the best I could with my zoom and no flash..

And I just liked the colors with this one :)

The Pentathletes!!! :)

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