Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At the Hop (hop hop)

Last Friday, the dude's school had what will probably now be an annual "sock hop"- yes this years PTO.. PTV.. PTA.. whatever it is they call themselves went above and beyond with this idea and I have to say this was a LOT of fun and a HUGE success! I myself did not plan on attending this event as the dude had a scheduled baseball game the same evening.. pretty much at the same time, but the sock hop Gods looked down upon us and opened the flood gates so that we could all attend (the dude's prayers had been answered as he REALLY wanted to go).

SOOO we doned our bobby socks (baby) and put on our old blue jeans.............there's a band playing down at the.. whoops sorry, got carried away there ;)
HAHA, anyway, here are a few pics from the event, I wish I had gotten more, but it was just too hard to carry the camera around, manuvering around all the "boppers" AND keep up with the diva. So I reluctantly put it away and focused on more important things -like coke floats, popcorn, and who could blow the biggest bubble (which I would have won had the diva not stuck her finger in mine thinking she would be funny.. plus I think the other kid got 2 pieces which as anyone knows.. gives WAY more elastaction for bigger bubble potential.. you know.. BBP)
But here are some of the dude...

The dude's dance partner...

The diva needing to be in on the action ....

The dude and the dude's roll model, Cool Man H.. I seriously have taken cool pointers from this kid. He played on the dude's baseball team and the diva was (and honestly still is) pretty smitten with him.

So naturally, this pic would come next :)

I am kind of suprised she did not want to stand NEXT to him though.... :)

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