Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better (a week) late then never

Well I figure a week late is better then never right? Somehow, Easter kind of slipped by me this year... I did not buy my kids cute matching Easter clothes this year (well ok, the cute matching clothes I bought them last year still fit), I did not load up my kids baskets with tons of sugar, in fact, there was very little candy in them.. and none left after only a week in our house. I did not buy eggs, hard boil them, buy egg coloring..and then send the dude off to hang out with friends while R played cards (ahem.. meaning the Easter bunny could not come till the dude ad R got home either), I did not remember to get carrots so instead, the bunny feasted on some grapes and blueberries as he left our home. I also did not get any goodies for plastic eggs so hurriedly found some stickers and scavenged through the change jar to secure coins and a few dollars for the egg hunt the next day (hey.. it all goes back into the jar anyway right?).....

But I did manage to get 2 years out of some well priced clothes and that rarely happens. I did save myself a few sugar highs this week (and maybe a cavity or 2 later). I did salvage the hard boiled egg dilema as the diva and I spent some time that weekend with my sister, her fiancee, and my mom, and colored eggs over there (thanks to the fact that my mom boiled enough eggs for an army).... which was fun for the diva and I. And the dude had fun with his friends and R managed to come away a few dollars ahead after the card game was over (or so he tells me). I did discover that the Easter bunny can survive without carrots (but will make sure to have those on hand next year). And I did see that even without all the fancy doings, you can still enjoy yourself... after all, Easter is not about the cute clothes you wear on Sunday, the sugar highs, the dying of eggs, what the bunny eats or what is in the eggs, it is a day to celebrate that Jesus has risen... and that we DID!

hehe.. and I did take this picture of my sister's dog, Scout with the diva's favorite horse... the diva did not think this was funny at all!

My mom's doggie.. Barkleigh

the egg dying process...

taught very well by Aunt Ashley to the diva

the diva giving it a go...

some finished products...

sigh.. I also discovered I have a LOT to learn about indoor photography where there is no natural light (and me being the stubborn one refusing to use auto or the flash)... so please excuse my sub-par attempt with the above... :)


  1. You are such a fun mom!

    And your pictures are great, silly girl.

  2. Love the post Jenna!! Your kiddos are growing up so fast!