Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Signs of Spring!

So even with all this CRAZY weather, the bluebonnets have bloomed beautifully. I have been waiting patiently to get some pics and when this adorable set from Beverly arrived I knew it was time. So the diva and I headed out to snap some pics on this 80 degree day (another sign of spring)

We went to a new spot that was just PACKED with ladybugs. I just adore ladybugs and snatched up everyone I could find to let them stroll along my hands, arms.. etc. The diva.. she wanted NO part in this. She is not into bugs or dirt I might add and informed me that the "baby-bugs" could go away. But I could not help snap a few pics of them on the bluebonnets.

And one of the diva when she was younger... when she in fact DID like "baby-bugs"...

Then we shot some pics. Beverly actually sent us 2 sets, the other I will post some pics of later after I edit. The weather was gorgeous, the flowers were gorgeous, so here are a few of my favs :)

Sigh, then LOOK at this.. I found these today as I was editing the new ones... these were taken not last season but the season before.. diva was going on 1 (whereas now she is going on 3).. :(

diva then...

diva now...

oh and whatcha think of diva's new "do"... I am sure you had noticed in a few pics already but these were her first real "shots" since the big "cut". I myself miss the bows and now just have to look at the HUGE assortment scattered about the house (yes, I am a BIG BOW ADDICT.. or BBA) and wish .. wait for when I can use them again... if she lets me..

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  1. AW Jenna those pictures are SO cute!!!!!! I wish we had Bluebonnets here in FL.

    Hey, if those bows need a home I know of a little girl who would love them atop her head!!! *hint, hint*